Sunday, May 31, 2009

¡He vuelto! I'm back!

It's been a rough semester with student teaching. I think about things I could post practically every day, but haven't for a while. I guess I'm a little discouraged with my Spanish. I've been finding it very hard to articulate myself these days. Not sure why... but I've been reading a lot, so that's good.

I would like to dive in head-first to improving. I'll either have to kick it up a notch, start dating a Spanish speaker, or live in another country for awhile. Any of those would help.

Lately, I've been plugging away at "The Little Prince" in Spanish, el Principito. It's a pretty quick read, actually, I just don't happen to read that fast. But the problem is more that I only give myself time to read a page or two here and there. I'm not using a dictionary, though, so it really is going rather fast. Aside from some tricky few words, I can understand nearly everything easily, or at least guess at word meanings through context.

Poco a poco, se va lejos.
Little by little, one goes far.

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