Monday, February 22, 2010

Notes in Spanish

I have discovered (and doubt I have written about it here, more than just briefly) a wonderful audio tool to advance my Spanish knowledge. Notes in Spanish (dot com). I have absolutely fallen in love with Ben and Marina, the wonderfully adorable married couple that record the audio sessions and create the fabulously-detailed transcripts (for paid members) to go along with them.

Don't feel like paying, you say? Never fear! There are three levels of audio: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each level has some free content to download and enjoy. I believe all you need to do is go to iTunes and type in "Notes in Spanish" to find and download the free files. I would actually like to do a more complete review of Ben and Marina's site and language tools, but right now I am totally, one-hundred percent exhausted and need to get some shut-eye.

Hasta la proxima.


  1. As a fellow french and spanish (and english!) learner I find this blog really interesting and funny.

    Keep it updated!

  2. Hola Bert! Thanks for reading! I am planning on updating more often. What's your first language? The beginning of your wordpress blog looks like Italian. Am I right?