Friday, August 3, 2012

크리스티 어디 갔어? (Where did Kristy go?/Where is Kristy?))

나 여기있어! Here I am!

I haven't gone anywhere. In fact, I've been pretty steady with the Korean as well.

Also, Korean Friend 2.0 and I have been working out great. He's cooler than kimchi and smart as hell. One of the best things about studying with him is that he rarely thinks that we spend enough time on Korean. Just when I start to say, "Well, maybe we should start in on the English stuff..." he jumps in with, "No, let's spend some more time on Korean." Progress is slow, but steady.

He teaches me fun things to say. For example, today we covered, "That guy over there is handsome," as well as how to comment that someone has pit stains (a nice combination of the words "armpit" and "sweat"). You know, useful stuff.

And with his English, we are reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. He underlines the words that he has questions about and then we go over them and BUILD VOCABULARY! It's every teacher's dream come true, a student that wants to improve vocabulary. The words that he underlines are tough words. Many of them I've never seen. Many of them I have seen, but have no idea what they mean. Even more impressive, are the seemingly obscure words that he doesn't underline. Because he knows them. And when I quiz him on them just to make sure, he knows exactly what they mean. Smart man. 그 남자 진짜 센스있어. That man really has sense (smarts).

As for me, the majority of my study time has centered around watching Korean dramas. It's amazing, you know, how many words I am now able to pick up. Now whole phrases sometimes, too. The lessons that I've learned and written in my notebook come to life!

No pictures in this post. I'll try to make the next one much more colorful. Also, I will attempt to count the hours of TV I've watched. I wonder how many it's been by now...

안녕! Bye!

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  1. Hey again! Loving your posts ^^

    Gotta ask, how did you nab yourself not one, but two amazeballs conversation partners??