Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Free Korean Class!

I am very proud to report that, after a month and a half break from my pursuit of polyglottenousness, I have jumped back in with both feet. Tonight, I attended a free Korean class at a local university. The classes were leveled "Beginner," "Elementary," and "Intermediate."

I missed the first two free classes and jumped in to the Elementary-level class, hoping for the best. Guess what?! Perfect level for me. Super challenging but not enough to lose me. I knew enough to follow, participate, comment, and ask intelligent questions.

This is how the board looked at the end of the lesson. I've been staring at it and marveling how far I've come that I understand everything written on it.

Even more noteworthy still, is the fact that the guy's handwriting was often a little... quick. Despite his scripty letters, I was able to read everything without a problem.

Soooooo pumped!

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