Monday, February 2, 2009

Ça va, merci.

It's going well, thanks.

The French, I mean. It's not like I can say that I'm bad at it, since I just started, and I pretty much have to be bad at it. Can't be good at a language you've never studied, right? I think that comforts me the most right now... that it's not humanly possible to be awful at something you just barely began. Talk to me after several months of plugging away at this daily. If all I can say at that point is How are you, Mr. Fish. Do you drink milk? No, the car is not blue, it's white. Thank you sir, goodnight. then it will be safe to say that I haven't progressed too terribly much, and we can start to contemplate the idea that I should stick to things I know. Like art. And being a procrastinator. I'm good at both of those things.

The French R is going to keep me up at night. I can already tell.

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  1. Hey Kristy...thanks for commenting on my blog because through your comment, I found YOUR blog (well..blogs!). Ironic, too... because tonight I was doing laundry and there were a bunch of guys there talking in Spanish. I wanted so badly to know what they were saying.
    I thought, for a moment, that my next personal challenge would be to really learn at least 3 languages besides English. Then I forgot about it...then I found your blog.

    I admire your journey into the world of multilingualism. Je parle un peu de Français...mais...I have no idea if I even spelled the sentence correctly.
    May I suggest that you read Le Petit Prince... it is my most favorite book in the world - and even better in it's native language.
    Good luck. Errr.. Bonne chance!