Saturday, February 28, 2009

Elle est mignonne.

During this week's French lessons, I found it slightly unnerving that the word for "tiny" that the guy used for the baby sister was mignonne. It sounded exactly the way you pronounce filet mignon. You know, the expensive non-vegetarian stuff people order at restaurants sometimes.

...which made it seem like the guy in the lesson was calling the baby a hunk of meat.

...which was unsettling at best.

And my biggest complaint is that I wish I could practice more.


  1. filet mignon does not at all sound like the feminine mignonne....the last "n" sound is silent in mignon and emphasized in mignonne.

  2. Your frog lessons said mignon = tiny? I have always thought it meant "cute." another way of saying tiny is tout-petit (m.) or toute-petite(f.). Elle est mignonne et elle est, aussi, toute petite.

    Tu as raison - il faut pratiquer le francais pour mieux l'apprendre.