Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TV Method Glitch

So, I suppose I should have anticipated that I would want to know what is happening in the dramas. Last night I kept peeking through my fingers and going back to see what they said. Maybe I need to watch each episode twice, once with the subtitles, and then again without? That would take forever. The problem is this: If I am watching with subtitles, I am able to know at least what the characters' names are. I'm not quite able to separate names from conversation yet, and that should be the easiest part, since they say the names so much. Occasionally, the subtitles tell me what I should be listening for.

Also, I am sooooooo excited to report that Professor Oh's KWOW videos are already helping me. I am able to hear "I love you" anytime it crops up, and "really?" "really!" anytime that crops up, too. I also hear the word for sorry, which I used to think was pronounced "bee-ah-nay," but apparently it starts with the "m" consonant, and should be said more like "mian-hay." (This is figured out with the help of subtitles.) The first word I ever understood through context sounds like "ku-ray" and means something like, "Yes, I agree/Yes, that's right/Okay/Fine."

So, see? The subtitles help a bit. Maybe I should half-count watching subtitled Korean towards my TV Method goal. Like one hour of subtitles equals thirty minutes of no subtitles. Sigh. I really want to understand what the plot is about. Now I'm just justifying laziness.

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